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Dear Editor,



I see Don Brunell is back with his right wing Republican point of view on issues – this time on renewables and a party line attack on the “Green New Deal.” (Guest editorial, 3/31)

First he sets up the usual right-wing argument of imaginary awful things that will happen – “it will cost over $93 trillion” – to replace the wasteful, dirty, pollution-driven system we now have. He does not even give a nod to the millions of new jobs conversion to renewable energy will create, adding billions to the economy, nor acknowledge the elimination of billions now spent to clean up the damage done by the fossil fuel industry. Nor to the millions the federal government hands over to the oil industry for doing nothing.

Is Mr. Brunell concerned about the future damage to the country or the planet if we continue on the course we are on? Apparently not, because American corporations and the Republican Party are concerned about nothing but the bottom line and profits and if they kill people well, “sorry about that.”

His big concern seems to be lithium and copper used to produce parts of electric cars, solar, and wind generators on water supplies without acknowledging well-regulated pollution practices can eliminate such concerns. The coming environmental disaster for Brunell and the right winger climate deniers is apparently “do nothing as long as our political contributors (bribery) keep making obscene profits at the expense of the health and safety of the American people!”


William F. Johnston 


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