Voters oust Lindquist as prosecutor

Looks like all the sign-waving supporters of Robnett had an impact on voters. She handily defeated her opponent Mark Lindquist in an upset that took many by surprise starting with her win in the primaries. The momentum just kept going from there. File Photo

The ballot tally from Tuesday’s general election has Mary Robnett well ahead of incumbent Mark Lindquist to be the next Pierce County Prosecutor. She is besting Lindquist by almost 27 percentage points, or almost double her lead following the primaries.

The vote tally at press time was 83,847 for Robnett and 48,690 for Lindquist out of a total of 140,500 ballots cast in the county. The ballots yet to be counted can’t statistically change the election results.

Robnett was a former chief criminal deputy prosecutor under Lindquist. She left the position to serve as deputy Attorney General before running to unseat Lindquist, her former boss. She was a relative no-name in political circles, but built a campaign over the last 10 months with endorsements from law enforcement groups and former prosecutors for her platform of returning professionalism to the office. She is now set to become the county’s first female prosecuting attorney.

Lindquist, who has served two terms after being appointed to the position in 2009, has been the center of controversy in recent years over his tax-payer funded legal defense regarding the release of his text messages to staffers and accusations of politicizing the prosecutor’s office.

Robnett’s 14 -point lead following the primary shocked many politicos and campaign watchers. Her campaign gained momentum after that surge as controversy continued to swirl around Lindquist. He, for example, faces a Washington State Bar Association hearing over allegations of professional misconduct for appearing on the Nancy Grace show during a murder trial. That hearing later this year could lead to sanctions or, albeit unlikely, a suspension of his license to practice law in the state. The Democrat had been a virtual shoo-in, with a deep campaign war chest and roster of endorsements until Robnett, who ran as a nonpartisan candidate, entered the race late into the campaign season.

The only other countywide race was that for Pierce County Auditor, with incumbent Julie Anderson running unopposed. She easily won a third term. This will be her last term, however, since she is term-limited from running again.


In other local races

Republican Dave Morell topped Democrat Lorra Jackson 60-30 for County Council District No. 1 seat.

The Council District No. 5, which includes parts of East and South Tacoma, has Democrat Marty Campbell at 57 percent against Republican Justin Van Dyk’s 43 percent.

Democrat incumbent Derek Young posted a strong showing to retain his seat, with 59 percent of the vote to Republican challenger David Olson’s 40 percent for the Council’s District No. 7 post.

The turnout for the all-mail general election was 28 percent. The county has 499,164 registered voters. Results will be updated regularly until the election is certified on Nov. 27. The latest election results and the ballot counts for federal, state and judicial races are available at

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  1. Scott Busby of the Office of Disciplinary Council wrote in his analysis: “Consequently, the presumptive sanction appears to be suspension under ABA Standards std. 5.22.” It is distinctly LIKELY Mr. Lindquist will be suspended. “Albeit unlikely?” No. It’s likely.

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