Pierce County leaders support Fleet Week

The USS Spruance, making its way from Everett to Seattle in the Parade of Ships.
Credit: Rob Thoms

Tacoma City Council member CDR Rob Thoms knows how important safety and trade is for the region and nation. A reserve officer in the U.S. Navy serving at least two weeks a year and one weekend a month duty, Thoms is the public affairs officer for the 2019 SeaFair and Navy Fleet week festivities. While on duty, he hosted more than 175 leaders riding aboard the USS Mobile Bay (CG) and USS Spruance (DDG) from Everett to Seattle for SeaFair 2019. Joining him is support were Pierce County Council member Marty Campbell and Tacoma City Council member Catherine Ushka.

“I made an effort this year to get leaders from the South Sound to participate, as Tacoma and Pierce County is such a trade dependent region,” he said “We are the gateway to the East and more of Washington’s tremendous produce goes through Tacoma/Pierce County than any other port in Washington State.”

America is a maritime nation and freedom of navigation on the seas is vital to our state, our nation and, in fact, the entire world. “I am proud that the U.S. Navy is the leader in the world in protecting freedom of navigation. It is vital to our national security, the security of the globe and our state’s economy,” Thoms said.

On Tacoma City Council, Thoms represents District 2, which encompasses the Port of Tacoma. “I know firsthand how important trade is to our region and our state. That freedom of navigation, just with all freedoms, isn’t given – it is fought for by the brave men and women that serve in our U.S. military. I am proud to serve alongside such patriots and do my part to ensure that our community is better and that America is safe and able to prosper.”


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