GOLDEN GLOVES 2020: Tacoma Boxing Club wins team title, every award


By Matt Nagle

The 72nd annual Golden Gloves boxing event, Jan. 25 and 26, was a big night for Tacoma Boxing Club, with their team winning the Tom Miceli Team Championship Award team title and individual boxers winning every award that evening. 

“We did great,” said coach Tom Mustin. “It was a good crowd with great bouts – the crowd loved it.”

Just after taking part in Golden Gloves this year, Johnny Bumphus passed away. “Bump City,” as he was known, was a talented boxer, a mentor to many young hopefuls, and attended every event that Tacoma Boxing Club produced –a champ in every sense. He will be greatly missed.

Here are the results:

Bout 1: 

Arturo Cuevas – Tacoma Boxing Club

Isaac Taylor – Rip City Boxing, Portland

101 pounds

Winner: Arturo Cuevas

Bout 2: 

Samary Henry – Tacoma Boxing Club

Chris Uribe – Rip City Boxing, Portland

110 pounds

Winner: Samary Henry

Bout 3:

Dahreus White – Tacoma Boxing Club

Joshua Cadena – Tenochtitlan Boxing Club, Renton

132 pounds

Winner: Joshua Cadena

Bout 4: 

Dedrick Crocklem – Tacoma Boxing Club

Zion Staten – Rottweiler Boxing Club, Tacoma

Winner: Dedrick Crocklem (third round) and voted tournament Golden Boy

Bout 5: 

Mario Guzman – Ephrata

Juan Mendoza – Azteca Boxing Club, Renton

123 pounds

Winner: Juan Mandoza (first round)

Bout 6: 

Matt D’Emidio – Arcaro Boxing, Seattle

Damien Green – Nomad Boxing Club, Seattle 

132 pounds

Winner: Matt D’Emidio (first round)

Bout 7:

Jamari Etherly – Rip City Boxing, Portland

Agustin Tovar – Azteca Boxing Club, Renton

141 pounds

Winner: Jamari Etherly

Bout 8:

Eugene Washington III – Tacoma Boxing Club

DeShaun Knuckles – Rip City Boxing, Portland

152 pounds

Winner: DeShaun Knuckles 

Eugene Washington III recipient of McMurtry Inspiration Award

Bout 9: 

Isaiah Carr – Tacoma Boxing Club

Tyry Pryor – Sunshine Boxing, Portland

155 pounds

Winner: Isaiah Carr

Bout 10:

Thomas Turner – Tacoma Boxing Club

Andrew Murphy – YPAL, Yakima

178 pounds

Winner: Andrew Murphy

Now it’s on to the regionals in Las Vegas, March 14 and 15. The regionals will consist of teams from four states – Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada – with six boxers from Washington State competing: Matt D’Emidio, Eugene Washington III, Isaiah Carr, Andrew Murphy, Thomas Turner and Juan Mendoza. 

Eugene Washington III was recipient of the McMurtry Inspiration Award for his performance in the eighth bout. Credit: Brad McPhee


A supporter of the Tacoma Athletic Commission and Golden Gloves for more than 25 years, Tacoma Athletic Commission’s 72nd Annual Golden Gloves honoree John Dimmer was celebrated during this year’s Golden Gloves.

Longtime Golden Gloves supporter John Dimmer (second from right) was celebrated as Tacoma Athletic Commission’s 72nd Annual Golden Gloves honoree. Credit: Brad McPhee

“I must admit that I was surprised when I was informed that I was to be the honoree,” he said. “It seems rather strange to be honored for simply supporting something you enjoy.”

Dimmer’s and his family’s involvement originally started when Tacoma legend Stan Naccarato contacted Dimmer’s father and solicited a donation on behalf of the event. Naccarato and Dimmer’s father were classmates at Clover Park High School, and so had a long history of association. 

As Dimmer tells it, “Stan loved Tacoma and was always passionate and persuasive in support of local athletics. You could never say ‘no’ to Stan Naccarato, and so my father signed us up as a sponsor. Shortly thereafter, stewardship of our support passed to me. Stan would give me a call every year to confirm our support, and I always renewed the commitment.”

A number of years back. Dimmer began working out with a trainer who came to the United States from Bulgaria where he used to work with the Bulgarian National Boxing Team. He incorporated boxing into his workouts, and this is where Dimmer developed a deep appreciation for the sport. 

“I view boxing as a game of chess, with the penalty for an ill-advised move a little more substantial than a lost chess piece. The physicality of the sport is obvious, but there is also great subtlety in the footwork and ring management. 

There is also a tremendous amount of strategy involved, which strategy must be developed and employed during the course of the contest. 

“I now understand why they call it the “Sweet Science.” My trainer has a stable of clients who, like me, have developed an appreciation for the sport, and we make the evening of the Golden Gloves Championship a fun night out, with dinner beforehand and then an evening of boxing. It is great hanging out with friends and watching these fighters compete.” 

Dimmer said that he would be remiss if he did not mention how much he appreciates the Tacoma Athletic Commission for hosting the fights. 

Tacoma has a long history in the sport of boxing, with Tom Mustin serving as the head coach for the USA Olympic Boxing Team, and Sugar Ray Seals and Leo Randolph earning gold medals in the 1972 and 1976 Olympic Games respectively. It is always a thrill to see Leo at the Golden Gloves each year. And who knows, perhaps we will see one of the contestants standing on the victory podium at the next Olympic Games.

Dimmer said that it was a privilege to be named the honoree this year. 

“It was great to see all the people who came out to support the event, and it makes me happy to know that I helped facilitate that in some small part.”

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