Reserved parking permits now available for Tacoma Dome Station

The Tacoma Dome Station is the region’s largest transit hub, with 2,400 parking spots in two garages.
Credit: Pierce Transit

Starting July 1, transit riders parking at the Tacoma Dome Station will have the option of parking in a reserved spot that will be set aside for their use until 8 a.m. on weekdays. Parking permits are now on sale; prices are $80 a month for single occupancy vehicles (SOVs), $27 a month for ORCA LIFT card holders, and free for high occupancy vehicles (HOVs) with at least two transit riders arriving at the station together in a single vehicle. Prices were set based on market rates for the area.

The Tacoma Dome Station is the region’s largest transit hub, with 2,400 parking spots in two garages. On weekdays, the parking facility fills up early, making it difficult for those who have other early-morning obligations or later commute times to access transit. In an effort to better manage demand, give transit riders another option and line up with what other transit agencies are beginning to offer at their own Park & Rides, Pierce Transit’s Board of Directors approved a pilot program to offer optional, reserved parking at Tacoma Dome Station.

Transit riders may now apply for permits, as well as learn more about the program, at Reserved parking spots will be available starting July 1.

Those purchasing a permit will need to reside in the Pierce Transit Public Benefit Area (PTBA); permit applicants will find a look-up tool on the site to learn if their address is within the PTBA. To maintain a permit, applicants must be regular transit riders, having taken at least 12 verified transit trips to or from the garage per month on a bus, vanpool or Sounder train. For HOVs, at least two passengers in the group must meet this threshold. Transit trips will be tracked via ORCA cards or vanpool records. Diamond Parking will manage the reserved parking program’s sales and enforcement for Pierce Transit. Permit applicants with sales and enforcement-related questions (beyond what’s on the website) should contact Diamond Parking at 1 (800) 828-4197.

Those parking without a permit will be able to use the reserved spots for free after 8 a.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends (except during special events when there is a charge for parking). They may also continue parking in any of the non-reserved spots for free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pierce Transit’s CEO is authorized to manage demand and waitlists by modifying the percentage of reserved stalls and/or adjusting rates as needed.

Benefits of offering a reserved parking option include giving transit riders a reliable place to park; improving transit operations by more evenly spreading out demand on transit trips throughout the morning rush hour; encouraging ride sharing to the garage by offering a free, reserved parking spot for high-occupancy vehicles with two or more transit riders arriving together in a single vehicle; making parking resources more efficient by better managing demand; and meeting the goal of implementing a consistent regional parking strategy.

After the pilot reserved parking program has been in place for several months, the Pierce Transit Board of Commissioners will review initial results and make program adjustments, if needed.

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