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Valentines Day I had tickets to LP’s (a.k.a. Laura Pergolizzi) show at the Showbox in Seattle for my gal because she has had LP’s CD “Lost on You” playing in her car. She purchased it after hearing the title track “Lost on You” on the radio and has been singing along with it for more than a year now so taking her to LP’s show was a fitting gift.

Every week my friends inquire as to who I am photographing next and when I would say “LP” they would ask, “Who?” Intrigued, I went on asking people if they knew of her and overwhelmingly no one knew who she is. How could this be? I had tickets to a sold out show! 

At the Showbox I saw anxiously awaiting fans filling up the venue – standing room only with all the synergy of an arena show with people pressed up against the railing. Then LP, looking much like a young Bob Dylan with a head of curly locks hanging in her face, came onstage to a cheering crowd. The audience, besides the regular Valentines dates, was filled with what seemed to me as single women who shrugged off the love holiday to attend the show en mass, alone and in groups. The energy was intoxicating as LP began to perform to her adoring crowd, which fueled her engagement as it does the great performers, with her swagger, smirking smile and powerful voice. It was impressive that she was able to perform perfectly live what was produced on her records, which needless to say does not occur too often in today’s music performances. Fans sang every word of her songs like they were digging a classic rock band where everyone knew the lyrics. Besides her stage presence and audience engagement, LP’s stunning vocals have been compared to the power of Janis Joplin and what I would compare to Adele on steroids – pushing out musically a non-genre specific combination of pop, funk and rock with some alternative in the mix. 

LP hails from New York and her first two albums immediately showed her mettle: “Heart-Shaped Scar” and “Suburban Sprawl and Alcohol.” Even with positive reviews and touring she has yet to manage wide spread notoriety (but that’s coming). In 2006 she attended the music conference South by Southwest and after performances with crowds gathering to catch her shows, she caught the attention of several recording labels and signed with a major recording label. Since then, LP has become a sought after songwriter for Cher, Rihanna, Backstreet Boys, Rita Ora and Christina Aguilera. She has been touring internationally on her 2014 album “Forever for Now” and 2016’s “Lost on You” with larger acclaim and audiences overseas more so than in the U.S.

LP is a must see now – especially in the intimacy of her smaller, stateside shows – before she starts filling stadiums and arenas here because it is just a matter of time.

If you aren’t familiar with her yet, check out this video of her hit single “Lost on You” –


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