Tacoma’s TJ Walker embarks on new project melding film, music, comic books and smart phone app


Tacoma’s TJ Walker, head of a multifaceted media operation called JWalk Entertainment, is hard at work on his next project. “Green Fiction” is billed as a science fiction anthology where “Sci Fi and marijuana collide.” The gritty crime drama of a drug deal gone wrong is melded with a science fiction story line in which a super strain of cannabis called “Supreme” has powerful physical effects on some of its users. Enhanced underworld types, bad cops and good cops are plunged into a maelstrom of conflict.

Walker likes to bring a maximum of technology to bear in his storytelling – in order to deliver a full immersion effect. The story is told through film that is augmented by some great music. A soundtrack featuring rock and rap heightens the energy of the viewing experience. Heavy hitters like DJ Khaled, E40 and Ice-T are deployed in the crafting of the music that undergirds the film anthology.

Not content with just film, and all the magic of its technology, Walker, originally a comic book artist himself, is overseeing production of a series of comic books that will go with each episode of the story. Using a smart phone app, these comic books can be supercharged. A user scans a page of the comic book with their smart phone and can watch some of the action unfold. Further, there is a choose-your-own-adventure aspect to the project, which allows for individual audience members to exercise some choice in shaping the contours of the overall experience.

Shooting for “Green Fiction” started in Tacoma late last month. The project is expected to span five episodes, each divided into six parts. The big-name talent brought in for the show is Noel Gugliemi, who has appeared in “The Walking Dead,” “The Fast and the Furious,” “Training Day,” “The Purge: Anarchy,” “Bruce Almighty and many other films and television shows.

The project also features a diverse cast of female, principal actors.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Walker went to Lincoln High School and then Bates Technical college where he picked up his film making and digital know-how. The project is directed by Rick Walters, a longtime collaborator of Walker’s.

Walker’s previous project, “Phoenix Run,” a zombie-superhero mashup, garnered a number of awards and made Walker a sensation on the comicon circuit. “Phoenix Run” was recently picked up by Dust, the sci fi, short-film anthology website that is rapidly attracting devotees.

Tacoma does not always recognize the stars that it gives rise to. My hat goes off to Walker for wanting to apply his vision and talents as a storyteller and a multi-platform artist here in our own City of Destiny. Look for good things to come from Walker and his media company JWalk Entertainment in the times ahead.

For more on JWalk Entertainment visit jwalkentertainment.com. To view material on “Green Fiction” as well as “Phoenix Run,” visit vimeo.com/275295436.

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