Korean-American artist featured at TCC gallery


By John Larson


The Gallery at Tacoma Community College opens the school year with an exhibit from The Korean American Artist Association of Washington State. 

“Hailey” is a metal print by Jason J. Kim. It depicts a redheaded woman reading a book. Her mouth is obscured.

“The End of Romance,” by Linda Chai, is a work in watercolor, colored pencil and gel on paper. It depicts another woman without eyes. She wields a scissors with red handles, and appears to be tearing out her own heart.

Yuni Wong offers a colorful vision of Hawaii in “Maui/Colorful Rendezvous,” with acrylic and collage on paper. A tree grows out of the surf, its leaves the flags of many nations.

“San Su Hwa,” by Kyeong Lee, is a drawing in black ink. It has the look of traditional Korean art, with mountains and birds drawn on a white background.

Patsy Surh O’Connell, a well-known local artist, offers “Balancing Act.” A watercolor on clay board, it depicts a teacup, with bowls stacked on it and a set of chopsticks at the top. This piece has great use of shading and color.

“Sien,” by Hyosoon Jung, has soft pastel colors on sandpaper. It depicts a woman in a traditional Korean dress, with hues of blue, pink and white.

“Iris of Banta Road” an acrylic on canvas by Matilda Kim, has an almost three-dimensional quality to it. The painting shows a field of purple and white flowers. The ones in the forefront pop with color.

Ellen Lee offers an environmental message with “Deforestation.” This watercolor and collage on paper work shows two trees. One has its bark stripped away, revealing a dry landscape in stark contrast to the lush green of the other tree.

Si Nam sets “Blast Off” apart from other works in the exhibit through its use of mixed media, with ropes of red and yellow attached to the black background.

The exhibit is on display through Oct. 25. The Gallery is in building 4. It is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is always free.

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