Two ‘Families Belong Together’ rallies are set for tomorrow


YWCA Pierce County is joined by Associated Ministries, Centro Latino, Colectiva Legal del Pueblo, HopeSparks, Islamic Center of Tacoma, Korean Women’s Association, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Tacoma Community House, Tacoma Migrant Justice, Tacoma Refugee Choir and Tacoma Rainbow Center in hosting a rally for the “Families Belong Together” day of action this Saturday, June 30, at People’s Park from noon to 2 p.m.

The YWCA rally dovetails into a separate “Families Belong Together” rally that will be held at 10 a.m. to noon on June 30, at Wright Park and includes protesters from the Occupy Northwest Detention Center movement, family members and immigrant advocates.

The YWCA event will feature performances from the Tacoma Refugee Choir, short remarks from elected officials and speeches from immigrants, refugees and others who are impacted by the Trump administration’s immigration policies. Speakers will include Vanna Sing, a Khmer Rouge genocide survivors and advocate for the SE Asian refugee community, Karen Fierro, Community Equity Advocate at Rainbow Center and current recipient of Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA), members of the Islamic Center of Tacoma, Congressman Denny Heck and Congressman Derek Kilmer.

Organizers also encourage participants to attend the NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC Solidarity Day at NWDC on Sunday, July 1, from 1:30 to 4 p.m. to show solidarity with those in detention, support for families visiting their loved ones, and resistance to the oppressive immigration/prison system.


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  1. How funny. Still confused about the difference between “immigrant” and “Illegal Alien?” There aren’t immigrants, nor children or kids…that is the media Families are split up every single day in this country, have been for decades when anyone is incarcerated. But now its OUTRAGE because its illegal aliens?

    Personally speaking, this election I vote this for candidates who prioritize citizens over illegal aliens, those who oppose sanctuary cities, amnesty and taxpayer funded in state college tuition discounts for illegals. That means no Democrats and no RINO’s.

    When will politicians and people in general figure out that when you reward illegal immigration with jobs, amnesty, drivers licenses, discounts for college tuition, scholarships encourages MORE illegal entry.. Illegal immigration negativity effects our economy from employment to use public services. Just debating this in congress is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars….. thank the parents. Another concern is the real “immigrants” who have waited in line? The “dreamers” don’t care about them, but we as a country should.

    People fleeing persecution? or people fleeing for freebies? they don’t stay in Mexico when they reach safety or ask for political asylum in Mexico. Why? because Mexico will give them nothing. So they make the long journey to our border. America is not splitting up families, that decision is theirs.

    Why no protests when American citizens are victimized by illegal aliens acceptable collateral damage for the left. ? or even an article written about these outrages? Parents separated for ever from their children.

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