Tacoma activist issues call for migrant help


Tacoma social justice activist Sallie Shawl is in Tijuana working to help migrants who are waiting (and waiting and waiting) to seek asylum in the U.S.

“Many of our friends, including those traveling with children, will be crossing in the coming days or weeks but have urgent need for shelter, medical care, and other support in the meantime,” she said. “Many of the volunteers I’ve been working with have been paying out-of- pocket to address these needs, and as some personal bank accounts are being run dry, we’re asking friends in the U.S. for your help. It’s really, really needed.”

Donations can help:

  • transport people round-trip from an encampment on the outer edges of Tijuana, Mexico, into the center of town, where they must go to get their “Border Queue Number” (required in order to cross into the U.S.), and then take families from that same encampment to the border when it looks like their number is going to be called (some people have to return five or eight times.
  • buy tacos and quesadillas and coffee for the coffee maker, all for migrants while they’re spending time in a sort of community center, that was created to do intakes and “credible-fear interview” preparations.
  • provide housing in a “safe house” for individuals or families who have been followed by the people/gangs from whom they are trying to escape.


Donate at www.gofundme.com/asylum-seekers-in-tijuana-need-your-help.

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