10,000-strong ‘lawyer moms’ unite across U.S. for June 29 protest against separation of immigrant families


More than 10,000 lawyer moms and their allies have announced that they will gather at federal legislators’ offices throughout the U.S. for the Lawyer Moms of America Day of Action on June 29 to demand an end to the current federal policy of separating migrant children from their parents attempting to enter the U.S.

Since April, more than 2,000 children have been removed from their parents and placed into separate holding centers as a result of this policy, an inhumane violation of these families’ most basic human rights.

“As a lawyer and a mother, I cannot stand silent in the face of this gross injustice,” said Tovah Kopan, a lawyer from New Jersey and co-organizer of the Lawyer Moms of America group that is organizing the Day of Action. “Each of us lawyer moms would do anything to keep our children safe. Each of us swore an oath to defend the Constitution. We will not let this unconscionable practice stand on our watch.”

Every day, undocumented parents, many of whom are seeking asylum, are separated from their children by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which forcibly removes children from their parents and places the children in government holding centers or foster care. While this policy of separating families has been has been supported by the Trump administration as a deterrent to keep asylum seekers and other migrants from attempting to enter the U.S., according to the Washington Post, data actually shows an increase in illegal border crossing attempts since March and year-over-year since 2017.

“It’s an unconscionable act that doesn’t even accomplish the goal of deterring illegal entry,” said Tahmina Watson, an immigration lawyer from Washington State and co-organizer of Lawyer Moms of America. “Stepping away from established asylum policies, this is a violation of basic human rights that the United Nations condemns. Therefore, it is imperative that Congress steps in immediately to halt such a barbaric practice. This is not the America we know.”

Local representatives of the Lawyer Moms of America will visit U.S. Senators and Members of Congress in all 50 states on June 29 to present an open letter demanding an end to this policy immediately. Lawyer Moms of America is supported in this effort by non-lawyers, non-parents, and others who fundamentally believe that human rights for parents and children should not stop at our borders.

Lawyer Moms for America is a non-partisan group of over 10,000 lawyer moms and supporters across the U.S. who have banded together to stand up for the rights of parents and children seeking entry into the U.S. Our membership spans all political parties and affiliations and all 50 states.

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