Youth of Tacoma Skipping School for Global Climate Strike


Local youth, called to action by Washington Elementary student Theo Sullivan, will be skipping school on Friday, March 15 and heading to Wright Park from 12-2 p.m. to partake in the Global Climate Strike day of action.

Inspired by the actions of young Swede Greta Thunberg, who held a three-week
strike from school to demand her government take action on climate change, the Climate Strike movement has spread rapidly across the world. Thousands of students have taken to the streets, forcing the resignation of the environment minister in Belgium, causing the
Australian Prime Minister to rail against the strikes in parliament, and
bringing downtown areas to a halt.

Here in Tacoma, 11-year old Theo was compelled to act.  “I want to be
the spark that lights the fire of the rebellion against the fossil fuel
industry,” he said.  On Feb. 20, he posted a video online calling
for other students to join him in walking out of school to demand action
on climate change:

Now others have joined him, gathering this past weekend to build art for
the youth-led rally which will feature a host of youth speakers.
Grayson, another local student, has volunteered to emcee the rally
adding “I’m striking in outrage that our planet is being destroyed.”

Many of these youth are aware of the latest scientific consensus that
states we have 12 years left to shift rapidly away from fossil fuels or
face consequences that threaten our civilization and our very existence.

As Greta Thunberg so eloquently stated it: “Why should we be studying
for a future that soon may not exist anymore and when no one is doing
anything to save that future?”

With no power to vote but with the worst burdens of the climate disaster
to bear, the youth of the world are demanding action.  Thirteen year old
Titus says “us kids don’t have the power to fix this, but we will do
everything we can to make adults act.”

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