Woodards joins officials from around the nation in call to unite immigrant families


Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards was among city officials from around the nation to sign letter urging lawmakers to work toward uniting immigrant families who were separated at the border.

“There is great concern across the country, and here in Tacoma, on the separation of immigrant families, and I share that concern. It’s because of this that I am proud to have joined with mayors from coast to coast, from cities large and small, mayors who are both Democrats and Republicans, to ask the president and Congress to act swiftly to reunite divided families and provide local and state leaders with full access to information regarding children separated from their parents so that we can help make sure these children get the services they need,” Woodards wrote in a statement. “I want to make it clear that Tacoma remains a ‘Welcoming City’ that is committed to providing immigrant and refugee communities with equitable access to City services. To aid in this effort, this year we appointed members to the city’s first Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs. This commission was created to better engage with these community members and to work with local organizations to identify and advance positive outcomes for our neighbors who are immigrants and refugees.

“Last Saturday, members of our community organized multiple events to raise their voices and declare that ‘Families Belong Together,’ and many continue to speak out,” her statement continued. “I want to thank those that have been using their time and their voices to elevate this important issue, and I urge you to continue this work. Tacoma’s strength and vibrancy depends on the well being and contributions of all members of our community. While it will take all of our efforts to keep attention on this area of shared concern, I vow that I will continue to fight for the health, safety, and success of immigrants and refugees.”

Read “An Open Letter to the President of the United States and the Congress from the Nation’s Mayors Calling for the Immediate Reunification of Immigrant Children with their Families.”

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  1. People, especially dedicated immigrants themselves, have been raising their voices and organizing events long before last Saturday, to stand against the violet conditions and violations of labor laws city has known about but willfully ignored for years. At one of those regular events before last Saturday 10 peaceful people, including elderly and a minor, were slammed to the ground and dragged off to jail without prior verbal warnings by the Tacoma police department. If you want to urge people to continue the work it’s time to call off the aggressive action by your police department. It’s also time to sever relations between GEO lobby group and political campaigns, including yours. It’s not okay to profit off the misery of people fleeing from violence.

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