Volunteers to ‘depave’ playground at Holy Rosary


For over 50 years, the school children at Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy have been skinning their knees on their asphalt playground. Pierce Conservation District is about to change that. Later this month, over 100 volunteers will help remove 10,000 square feet of asphalt adjacent to Interstate 5 and transform the paved space into a beautiful green playground. The volunteers will gather at 9 a.m. June 23.

The depaving program began in Portland and spread to Washington about three years ago with support from Pierce Conservation District and other local partners. Depaving benefits more than just the children of Holy Rosary though. This project will remove over 350,000 gallons of polluted stormwater runoff from Puget Sound every year.

Stormwater runoff is the number one source of pollution to the Puget Sound and untreated stormwater can kill salmon exposed to it. This project will eliminate that pollution and contribute towards making the Puget Sound healthier for endangered orca whales and salmon and all who benefit from it for jobs and recreation.

Community members interested in joining the project this weekend can sign up to volunteer at Pierce Conservation District’s website at http://bit.ly/holyrosaryjune.


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