Thief stole 20 bikes used to teach children bike safety

Be on the look out for a load of bikes. Twenty bicycles and the trailer they were housed in were stolen from Bethel Middle School over the weekend. This was the entire fleet of bikes that was funded by OSPI, WSDOT, and Cascade Bicycle Club. The bikes traveled to each of our middle schools during the year so that students had an opportunity to learn safe cycling during P.E.
The trailer full of bikes was secured with hardened locks on each of its doors and a sturdy hitch lock, which should have prevented it from being driven away. It was parked behind a locked gate. A police report has been filed.
The trailer is a 2016 Mirage Xcel. The license plate number is A8106C.
All 20of the bikes are 2015 Specialized Roll Entry models. The frames are red
 and the bikes have wide tires with a pressure gauge in them. The bikes were purchased from Old Town Bicycle in Gig Harbor and feature reflective stickers bearing the shop’s name near the bottom of the frames.
If you have information regarding the bikes or the trailer, contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

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