Teachers union approves deal to end strike


The Tacoma Education Association, and the Tacoma Public School District have reached an agreement and school will begin on Monday, Sept. 17.

The final settlement included:

  • 14.4 percent overall increase for certificated staff, including teachers
  • 14 percent overall increase for professional technical employees
  • 19 percent overall increase for office professionals.
  • 3 percent increase plus the implicit price deflator (IPD) in excess of 2 percent for all TEA bargaining units 2019-2020, which provides the school district with budget predictability next school year. (IPD represents an index used to gauge inflation in the economy.)

Tacoma Public Schools, Tacoma Education Association and WEA have agreed in a joint statement that the state’s funding formula inequitably funded Tacoma Public Schools compared to other districts and the parties would work together on a legislative solution. Initial calculations indicate, Tacoma Public Schools will face a projected $38 million budget deficit for the 2019-2020 school year without a funding change from the legislature.

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