Tacoma Mall subarea plan is available for review


The Tacoma City Council adopted Ordinance No. 28511 on Tuesday, May 15, relating to the Tacoma Mall Neighborhood Subarea Plan, bringing a three-year public planning effort to a close. The city will now focus on implementing the plan in partnership with residents, businesses, public agencies and the broader community. To review the plan and associated materials, visit tacomamallneighborhood.com.

The project consists of a subarea plan, zoning and regulatory changes, and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the 575-acre Regional Growth Center—an area designated for substantial jobs and housing growth. The Plan initiates innovative planning and policy actions to help the area achieve its potential as a thriving, livable, walkable and transit-ready urban neighborhood. Key actions include:

  • 90-acre expansion of the center and rezones to promote mixed-use development.
  • Zoning and design standard changes to foster an attractive, pedestrian-oriented built environment.
  • Plans for green stormwater infrastructure and tree planting to improve the environment, benefit public health and beautify the neighborhood.
  • A multi-modal transportation strategy including capital investments, expanded transit service and pedestrian improvements when development occurs.
  • Parks and open space actions to make the neighborhood more healthy, livable and attractive.
  • An affordable housing strategy including the city’s first Inclusionary Zoning program.
  • Major reductions in city parking requirements for new developments.
  • Steps to create a more complete neighborhood, support local culture and empower the community.
  • A collaborative action plan between the city, public partners and the community to put the plan into effect.

More information about the city’s progress toward its Tacoma2025 goals is available on the Results253 page at data.cityoftacoma.org.

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