Tacoma deploys 15 plows, four sanders to fight storm


Snow is in the forecast, and Tacoma is expected to get accumulations this weekend. Public Works Department’s Street Operations Division is deploying 15 snow plows and four sanding trucks throughout Tacoma and will continue snow operations throughout the storm event.

During a snowstorm event, City crews plow and de-ice streets on a priority level, beginning with primary arterial streets, followed by secondary and auxiliary routes. City crews do not plow and or de-ice residential streets. The time required to clear these routes depends on the intensity and severity of the snowstorm.

Residents can prepare for winter weather by:

  • Equipping vehicles with good tires, windshield wipers, chains, sand and emergency supplies.
  • Researching public transportation options.
  • Planning driving routes and organizing them by primary, secondary and then auxiliary routes as outlined on the City’s snow routes map.
  • For those living on a hill or somewhere difficult to access in the snow, look for a flat place to legally park your vehicle on nights when snow is forecasted. Also, choose a location where putting on chains can be done safely.
  • For those who live or work on a primary, secondary or auxiliary snow plow route, look for an adjacent flat street to legally park your vehicle. Doing so will prevent vehicles from getting covered or blocked in by plowed snow and will make it easier for crews to safely plow city street.

For more information on winter preparedness and to view the snow routes map, visit cityoftacoma.org/inclementweather.

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