Tacoma continues work on comprehensive housing plan


Building on its existing housing programs and policies, the City of Tacoma is working with its community partners to create a comprehensive action strategy addressing community needs relating to affordable housing.

“The City Council considers affordable housing to be a high priority,” said Mayor Victoria Woodards. “What we are working toward is a more cohesive strategy addressing this important issue, one that reflects better programmatic alignment throughout the City of Tacoma and its community partners.”

“Through this discussion, we will be analyzing infill and density, inclusionary zoning, and targets and costs,” said City Manager Elizabeth Pauli. “We are working with our community partners to develop better processes driven by community-informed, data-driven decision making to address the fact that homes in Tacoma have grown costlier and increasingly out-of-reach for our most vulnerable community members.”

Past efforts relating to affordable housing include the work of the Affordable Housing Policy Advisory Group (AHPAG) formed in 2010. AHPAG developed 25 policy recommendations in seven categories. Many of the policies originating from AHPAG’s policy recommendations have been implemented over phases, culminating with the 2015 adoption of Ordinance No. 28336 which established incentives for affordable housing, among other public benefits, and created more regulatory flexibility for infill development.

“The work of the AHPAG will inform the work we are now doing,” said Acting Community and Economic Development Department Director Kim Bedier. “We will also factor in details contained within the Tacoma2025 strategic visioning framework, the One Tacoma Comprehensive Plan, and other reports into our final comprehensive action strategy which will align with the City of Tacoma’s other strategic initiatives.”

Updates about Tacoma’s work to address needs relating to affordable housing will be made available soon on its website. More information about the City’s progress toward its Tacoma2025 goals is available on the Results253 page at data.cityoftacoma.org.

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