Stroll downtown Tacoma this holiday season


This year, Downtown On the Go is supporting the City of Tacoma in promoting downtown businesses during the holiday season. The nonprofit is doing this in two ways; the Stroll Downtown Tacoma website and the activation of Tollefson Plaza. will feature local restaurants, retailers, and festive events happening throughout downtown. Find information about live music, New Year’s Eve parties, and the best shopping and dining on this site – that is being updated all the time.

Tollefson Plaza will host trees, lights, artwork, and an event on Dec 21 to celebrate the season and to activate the city’s downtown core.

Tollefson Plaza was built in 2006 as a gathering place for the downtown community. Over the last decade, people have held events there and made efforts to turn it into a vibrant part of Tacoma. There are many ways to improve public space – like trees and art – but the number one way to do it is with people! Help the City of Tacoma create a better Tollefson Plaza.

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