Some Tacoma parking lots now offer pay-by-phone service

Drivers in Tacoma have a new way to pay for their parking with the launch of the PayByPhone app. The service is available at select lots operated by Tacoma Platinum Parking Partners and allows payments to be completed in seconds, using just a mobile phone.

In addition to providing a simple, cashless way to pay, PayByPhone offers several features that help make parking painless. This includes text message reminders that are sent prior to a driver’s time expiring, and the option to extend a parking session remotely. Habitual drivers can even use the “favorites” feature to save the location numbers of the lots that they park at regularly.

“I’m excited to bring this easy, safe, unique parking technology to my lots in downtown Tacoma,” says the Manager of Tacoma Platinum Parking Partners LLC. As an added benefit, she explains that there is “no need to stand at parking kiosks with your credit card in hand – just sit in your car and park with the PayByPhone app.”

PayByPhone serves more than 100 parking spaces at the lots which are located in downtown hubs known for their restaurants, retail shops, and attractions across Washington, in cities including Seattle, Olympia, and Bellingham. Drivers will be able to easily spot the PayByPhone locations in Tacoma, as green poles and clear signage will be installed near the spaces.

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