Sister Cities Council to purchase ambulance for Brovary


The Tacoma City Council has established Brovary, Ukraine as Tacoma’s 15th Sister City.

“Ukraine is a diverse country with many ethnic backgrounds, there are thousands of Ukrainian born immigrants living in Tacoma and its suburbs, and I myself was born in Brovary,” said Pastor Peter Sayenko, head of the Sister City committee that worked to move Tacoma’s Sister City connection with Brovary forward. “There is much to celebrate about Tacoma’s newly established relationship with Brovary.”

Brovary is the second largest city within the Kyiv region of Ukraine, and is located within seven kilometers from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

With a population of more than 100,000, Brovary enjoys access to natural resources, main national and international highways, and railroads. Brovary also enjoys green open spaces and the economic advantages of being located near a waterway, the Dnieper River.

Brovary’s core industries include shoe making, knitting, woodworking, machine tools and plastic materials. It is also home to a large Coca Cola company plant.

The Regional Hospital District in Brovary is currently without ambulance service throughout large portions of their rural and suburban service area of about 200,000 outside Kyiv, and has asked for the City of Tacoma’s assistance in obtaining an ambulance.

In response, the Tacoma Fire Department has negotiated the disposition of Medic 1R, a 2011 GMC/Braun NW Type III Duramax diesel powered ambulance transport that it will be declaring surplus to the department’s needs once new transports begin to enter service. The estimated surplus value of the vehicle is $15,000. Working to raise the needed funds, the Tacoma Sister Cities Council will then purchase the ambulance from the Tacoma Fire Department and then donate it to the Regional Hospital District in Brovary.

Visit to learn more about Tacoma’s Sister Cities.

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  1. The chief of brovary city is a thief.
    We are very gratitude to people of Tacoma for the help.
    But that city chief is a thief. bro any have factories, the boom of building new houses, in such way that there there is no place for trees. And despite this Tacoma has to buy a fire machine to us? Shame on us.

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