Police respond to call of illegal activity at NWDC protest


The Tacoma Police Department responded to the Northwest Detention Center, 1623 East J St., on July 30, in response to numerous complaints of criminal activity.

Officers observed temporary fencing, used to protect protesters from trains, had been torn down and used to create a barricade in the middle of the roadway. Several broken pallets had been used in conjunction with the fencing to reinforce the barricade.

Separate from the previous peaceful demonstrations, the barricade blocking the roadway had been painted with anarchist symbols and roofing tacks had been dumped across the roadway to damage vehicles travelling across the roadway surface.

The Tacoma Police Department will take action against any person found to be responsible for these criminal acts that cause destruction of property or endanger the lives, safety or well-being of those in the facility, or people there to peacefully demonstrate.

The Tacoma Police Department Special Response Team, with the assistance of the Cooperative Cities Team, responded to clear the roadway of hazards, remove unlawful structures, remove the barricade blocking the street and apprehend the suspects responsible for the crimes.

The Tacoma Police Department will continue to maintain a safe and peaceful location for those who lawfully exercise their First Amendment rights and for those who have lawful business with the facility.

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