Point Defiance boat launch parking on track to partially open June 15


As of June 15, Metro Parks expects boaters launching from Point Defiance Marina will be able to park their trailers just a few hundred feet away from the ramps.

The parking is inside the new multi-use parking lot just south of the marina’s public launches. The lot is not finished, but Metro Parks and its contractor Atkinson Construction agreed to a partial opening to better accommodate the heavy boating traffic anticipated this year.

The fact that it’s still an active construction site means the number of spaces will fluctuate daily, and the lot may be temporarily closed from time to time. Signs and other equipment will mark the area where it’s OK to park, and launch attendants can also give directions.

This year’s chinook fishing in South Puget Sound may be some of the best in recent memory – a 40 percent larger return than usual – said Phedra Redifer, regional parks manager for Metro Parks. That prediction, the curtailment of coastal and north sound fishing, and Point Defiance Marina’s status as the region’s largest public boat launch, add up to a busy season.

“We know Point Defiance Marina will be especially popular this summer,” Redifer said. “We’ve been working with representatives of the regional boating community and are happy to have more options on the table.”

The lot is one of many Point Defiance Park improvements on track to finish by the end of the year. A roundabout at the entrance to Point Defiance Park is nearly complete and already in use. Work on the trail that will connect the park’s trails to Point Ruston’s trail and to Ruston Way is underway. Work continues on Dune Peninsula, an 11-acre stretch of green space on the waterfront. Pacific Seas Aquarium at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium will open Friday, Sept. 7. When finished, the lot will have space for more than 100 cars, boat trailers and other vehicles brought by park visitors and boat launch customers.

Redifer said parking and boating updates will be posted to PointDefianceMarina.com. The website DestinationPointDefiance.org posts regular updates about construction impacts as well as information Point Defiance Park construction projects.

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