Pierce County’s new portal improves access to public records


Thanks to a newly launched public records request portal, people will have easier access to records requested under the Public Records Act.

Reflecting the County’s commitment to greater transparency, interested parties can now more easily track public records requests through the main Pierce County website at www.piercecountywa.org/publicrecords.

“In this age of digital information, we want to increase transparency, make it easier for residents to access the records they want, and get real-time updates on their requests,” said Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County Executive.

Through the new website, people can submit public records requests online, track the status of their request and receive updates by email. Requestors can also communicate with staff regarding their request and download electronic records that others have requested. Lastly, the website provides a searchable archive of previously released requests and documents.


  1. This is all available via e-mail already. The new system requires the public to learn one interface for this agency, and another for that agency. Upon first glance, it may seem nice, but human-to-human communication in natural language via postal mail, fax, and e-mail, has served us well for decades.

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