Law enforcement organizations pledge to work with coalition regarding I-940


Washington’s major law enforcement organizations have issued a statement to remain committed to the policies enacted by the Washington Legislature to strengthen and clarify Initiative 940.

“We are disappointed only I-940 is going to the voters without the critical and necessary improvements made in EHB 3003,” the statement read. “The court’s split decision shows there are differing opinions on how the issue of reforms to Washington’s deadly force laws should be enacted by the voters and the legislature.  We respectfully recommend a vote against the ballot measure to allow the legislature to re-enact the improved total package of reforms in 2019. While there will be differences in opinion leading up to the November election, we encourage everyone to focus on our agreements, not our divisions.  These issues are too critical to our community and our profession.”

De-Escalate Washington worked with the state’s major law enforcement labor groups and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs on the policies in ESHB 3003. We agree wholeheartedly with this statement, from today’s media statement by De-Escalate Washington:

“From the start, our goal was to reform the law and build bridges between the community and police. The improved relationship with law enforcement has been an incredible plus. Yes, we would have liked to see the Court uphold 940 and ESHB 3003,” said Tim Reynon, Puyallup Tribe Councilmember and De-Escalate Co-chair.  “We made commitments to Law Enforcement to get those policies into the law.  We are committed to working with Law Enforcement after the November election to make sure that the policies in 3003 are enacted by the 2019 legislature.”

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