How do you like them apples? Adopt a Curran Orchard tree


Applications for the 2019 Adopt-An-Apple-Tree program at the Curran Apple Orchard Park in University Place are now available. Tree adoptions are great gifts as well as fun ways for individuals, families and groups to support a community park along with enjoying delicious apples in the fall.

People who are interested in adopting an apple tree have two options:
a.) Pruning Adoption (available from December through Aprill)

b.)Orchard Supporter Adoption available all year.

Pruning Adoptions are $45 and are reserved for people who agree to prune, thin, harvest and clean up windfalls from their tree according to orchard guidelines. Free pruning classes and trained volunteers are available to help and provide guidance.

Orchard Supporter Adoptions are available for $70 and are perfect for people who want to support the orchard and enjoy the harvest but are unable to participate in tree care. Trained volunteers will take care of the trees for people choosing this option.

All tree adopters are entitled to the harvest from their trees in the fall. Adopter names will appear on their trees. People can choose from a variety of trees with the majority being Gravenstein, Golden Delicious and MacIntosh.
The Curran Apple Orchard Park is a 7-acre working apple orchard with more than 250 apple tree located at 3920 Grandview Dr. in University Place. CORE (Curran Orchard Volunteer Enthusiasts) is a volunteer group that sponsors the Adopt A Tree program, pruning parties, summer concerts and the annual Cider Squeeze.

Everyone is welcome to attend CORE meetings which occur on the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the UP City Hall Complex, 3715 Bridgeport Way W. in University Place. For more information and to download a Tree Adoption application, visit

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