Fife taps new city manager


Hyun Kim was appointed to be the new city manager of Fife at the City Council meeting on Aug. 15. Kim will serve as Fife’s top appointed official beginning Sept. 13, leading the city in the day-to-day operations and assisting City Council and staff in shaping several major policy issues. Current Fife City Manager Subir Mukerjee is set to retire on Sept. 12.

unnamedKim was most recently the finance director for Boulder City, Nevada. Prior to joining Boulder City in 2016, he served for four years as the town administrator for Afton, Wyoming. His local government career began in 2012 in Pinedale, Wyoming, where he served as the community development director. He received his Executive Masters of Public Administration from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University and has a Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Strategy from Western Governors University.

The Fife City Council consists of seven members, elected to four-year terms. The council serves as the legislative branch of Fife’s government. They are responsible for establishing policy, voting appropriations, developing the city’s vision and mission, and passing local ordinances, resolutions, and proclamations. They are also responsible for appointing the city manager and the members of the city’s commissions.

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