Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over


The Washington State Patrol in conjunction with 145 other law enforcement agencies around the state will have extra drunken driving patrols out from now through Sept. 4.

The extra patrols will be targeting impaired drivers in an effort to reduce the number of serious injury and fatality collisions in our state. Impaired driving includes alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and other substances that cause impairment. It is illegal to drive after consuming any drugs or alcohol that cause impairment.

During 2016, impaired drivers were involved in crashes that resulted in 277 deaths and another 286 serious injuries. The WSP arrested 12,949 impaired drivers last year. Each summer in Washington State, an average of 149 people die in traffic collisions. This is the deadliest season of the year on our roads.

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign is designed to encourage all drivers to make the right choice. The WSP would like to remind drivers to plan ahead and make travel arrangements prior to their activities. WSP’s Target Zero hopes to have no traffic deaths or serious injuries in the state by 2030.


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