County launches online portal to track code complaints


Pierce County has launched an online portal to accept, process and resolve complaints about code enforcement violations.

The new portal, available at, allows customers to submit complaints online. Customers can also use an interactive map to search for properties, and access violation records to view the status of a complaint and the associated documents.

“Abatement of nuisance properties is a top priority for the Council,” said Doug Richardson, County Council Chair. “In May 2017, the Pierce County Council passed Ordinance 2017-22s requiring that all reported and confirmed nuisance properties be resolved within 90 days. The ordinance also directed the creation of the online portal.”

Customers will also be able to sign up to receive notifications and updates on confirmed violations, and view all violations in an area by using regional and community mapping tools.

“The new portal allows us to streamline how complaints about code enforcement violations are handled,” said Dennis Hanberg, Planning and Public Works Director. “We are pleased to improve customer service and transparency thanks to this new tool.”

Pierce County code enforcement officers investigate complaints about code enforcement violations, such as junk vehicles, abandoned unsecured homes, garbage on private property and more. Once an investigation finds a violation, code enforcement officers work with property owners to resolve the issues and get their property back into compliance.

“The new portal will streamline administrative tasks and functions, allowing our officers to focus on reaching a resolution within the 90-day window,” Hanberg said.

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