City seeking Prop. 1 committees


The Tacoma City Clerk’s Office is seeking volunteers to serve on committees to prepare statements “for” and “against” the City of Tacoma Proposition No. 1 ballot measure.

The Tacoma City Council has passed Resolution No. 40046 regarding Tacoma Creates, a proposed arts, culture, science and heritage programs for youth, after school and during the summer that would be funded from a sales tax increase of one-tenth of one percent if approved by voters in November. An average Tacoma household would pay $13 per year for a plan that would also offer residents free and discounted access to cultural activities.

To be considered for appointment to a committee, interested individuals should submit a letter of interest indicating whether they are advocating “for” or “against” the measure, their place of residence, and why they would like to serve on a committee. Letters must be received at the City Clerk’s Office at 733 Market Street, Room 11, Tacoma, WA 98402, or via email to by 5 p.m., on Monday, July 9.

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  1. Funny thing is this email was just received at 9:31am, on July 10th…and the deadline to submit your letter of interest by Monday, July 9th by 5:00pm. Won’t be able to apply as volunteer on the either the “for” or “against” writing teams, since the deadline has already passed. Good luck with this tax…why is it that liberals always and only find their answers by “increasing” taxes, instead of reducing spending in other areas to pay for new “wants”…there’s already plenty of tax dollars available from those of us who pay the taxes to fund this sort of well meaning, but incorrectly funded social activity. At some point South Sound residents are going to revolt over the tax and spend programs foisted upon the struggling tax payers of Tacoma and South Sound residents. No vision, no creative ability to think out of the box to make ways to fund these feel good social programs without “raising taxes”. It’s really time to look for alternative places to live…they’ll just never get enough tax revenue and won’t ever admit that they have no clue as to where they could save millions of dollars in tax revenue already being collected…they’ll just run out of tax payers who are willing to fund programs that should not be paid for by the citizens of Pierce County, City of Tacoma or any of the surrounding cities in South Sound region!

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