Change to come for Pierce County ballots


Ballots for the upcoming February and April Special Elections will include a stub that voters are encouraged to remove before casting their votes. The blue perforated stub is located on top of the voter’s ballot and includes an, “I Voted,” graphic.

This change comes as Pierce County Elections is testing a new system for printing and mailing ballots.

“Our in-house ballot inserter has reached its end of life. Before we replace this expensive piece of equipment, we’re trying out mail house vendors for the February and Spring Elections,” said Pierce County Auditor Julie Anderson.

Pierce County is the only county in Washington that owns and operates its own ballot inserter.

“There is no personal or confidential information on the stub,” explains Anderson, ”The stub’s purpose is for the vendor, K & H Election Services, to properly identify and insert the correct ballot for each voter.”

If voters forget to remove the stub, the Election Center will do it for them when they begin to process the ballots. Anderson said, “We’re asking for the voters’ help to remove the stub from their ballots because it will speed up ballot processing.”

Pierce County Elections has received some fun suggestions for stub uses. Voters can tear it and wear it as an “I Voted” bracelet. Or place it on a neighbor’s windshield or in someone’s lunch bag as a reminder for them to vote.

For more information or to find out what’s on the Feb. 13 Special Election ballot, visit

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