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On Sept. 13, members of the Tacoma City Council and other local politicians will be biking around Tacoma checking out the good, the bad, and the ugly of downtown Tacoma’s biking routes at the Annual Bike Ride with City Council. There is no better time to ride alongside your elected officials, as this year is a biennial budget year. Tacoma is growing, parking is expensive, and biking is still the most fun way to get around Tacoma.

The city is working hastily on a plan that would impact the future of Schuster Parkway and the possibility of a pedestrian & bike trail. There are also changes coming to the Foss Waterway Esplanade and the Prairie Line Trail. Hear directly from leaders who have the power to build the equitable, safe, inclusive, and connected Tacoma we deserve.

Mayor Victoria Woodards will join us on her new e-bike. We will also be joined by Council Member Conor McCarthy, Council Member Justin Camarata, Metro Parks Commissioner Erik Hanberg, Fife Mayor Kim Roscoe, and more.

The best way to advocate for bicycling in Tacoma is to get out and ride. And the best way to encourage our local government to better our roads for people on bikes is to ride alongside them on Sept 13.

If individuals are interested in joining in on the fun but don’t have a bike, they can check out our Bike Shop Reports to scope out local bike shops and find a new ride.

Unsure of the best routes in downtown Tacoma? Contact us about the Bike Buddies Program  and we can match people up with a cooperative comrade.

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