Be on the lookout for handgun around Boze Elementary


Tacoma Police responded on March 15 to Boze Elementary School located at 1140 E. 65th St. in Tacoma about a report of a man on school property with a weapon.  Officers responded and learned that the man was being contained by students and staff.

The male was taken into custody without incident. He was searched and no weapon was located on his person.  He claimed to have thrown the guns in the grass on a nearby yard. The arrested male was not able to say where he threw the guns.

All witnesses stated he had two guns in his hands as he crossed the school grounds.

Police conducted a thorough search of the grounds and near homes. Police K-9’s even searched the area, and they were not able to locate the handguns.

Tacoma Police are advising residents in the area that a handgun have been discarded in a yard and are asking all residents to check or search areas where a gun may be hidden.  If a gun is located please call 9-1-1 to have officers respond to recover it.

Tacoma Police would like to stress the gun or guns might be loaded, and the safety of children in the neighborhood could be at risk.

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