Apartments owners partner with Tacoma Housing Authority to house homeless college students


Tacoma Housing Authority, and CWD Investments, owners of Highland Flats, which was formerly the Tiki Apartments, have announced an agreement that will enable the 62-unit building to become part of THA and Tacoma Community College’s innovative partnership to house homeless and near homeless students.

THA and TCC’s College Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) provides THA rental assistance to homeless or near homeless TCC students, most of whom are parents of young children. Harvard’s Kennedy School recently named the CHAP among the nation’s top 25 most innovative governmental initiatives for 2018.

The expansion of their CHAP partnership to Highland Flats will add new housing units just down the street from TCC’s campus. In this way, Highland Flats supplements other properties that THA has purchased within walking distance of the campus, all available to these students.


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