Air quality agency calls for more review of LNG plant emissions


The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency is calling for more review of the overall effects of greenhouse gases linked to Puget Sound Energy’s liquefied natural gas facility that is under construction on the Tacoma Tideflats.

The agency has determined that a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement is required to determine the quality and effects of greenhouse gases “to include those upstream and downstream of the proposed project.”

The call for more review comes after the agency accepted the notice of construction permit as technically complete only to then review PSE’s application and conclude that a supplemental analysis is necessary. The PSCAA is now preparing to hire a consultant to conduct the review and work on a formal agreement with PSE on covering the costs of that work, according to an agency letter.

“There will be no optional scoping for the SEIS. The agency will hire a consultant to prepare the SEIS,” according to the agency. “Public comment opportunities will be provided for the draft SEIS when it has been prepared.”

The review, therefore, will include another round of public outreach, which have yet to be scheduled.

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