Two culture filled events coming to Puyallup’s Karshner Center


An Evening of Korean Culture

On Nov. 15, 4-7 p.m. the Karshner Center, at 309 4th St. N.E. in Puyallup, will partner with the Asia Pacific Cultural Center to explore and experience an evening of Korean Culture. Visitors to the museum for this Third Thursday event will be able to participate in a variety of crafts and projects, be treated to a Korean travel film, Korean music, and see an art show from the Korean American Artist Association of Washington State. There will be artifacts from Korea on display, traditional women’s dresses, beautiful Hanboks to dress up in and get photos taken, and a Korean calligraphy artist to write your name in Korean.

Here is the list of wonderful possibilities for families to enjoy at the Korean Culture Day:

  • Korean Paper Folding
  • Korean Lotus Lantern
  • Hanbok Dress-up & Photos
  • Korean Calligraphy
  • Face Painting
  • Art Projects
  • Korean Food
  • Travel Korea Film
  • Artifacts of Korea
  • Artist Reception

This third Thursday event is in conjunction with the Legacy Washington exhibit “Korea 65: The Forgotten War Remembered” that is at the Karshner Center until mid-January. Each year the Secretary of State’s office creates an exhibit based on an aspect of Washington State History and features stories of people and events that are important to the State. Legacy Washington uses sources from the Washington State Library, Washington State Archives and heritage organizations to document “extraordinary stories” in Washington history. This exhibit is a story about the Korean War but from many lenses. Asia Pacific Cultural Center founder Patsy Suhr O’Connell’s story is one that is featured in this exhibit.

This is a free family event.


Ukrainian Culture and Arts Festival

Another free family event happens at the Ukrainian Culture and Arts Festival on Nov. 17, 12-5 p.m. A variety of performing groups and artists will present aspects of the traditional culture as well as more modern culture. Performances by the Ukrainian children’s choir Svitanok and a fashion show of ornate dresses and costumes will entertain and educate. Have you ever heard of a bandura? A renowned musician, Valentin Lysenka, will show his craftsmanship in playing the very beautiful sounding instrument. Through these artists and musicians, our community can enjoy and learn about Ukrainian culture and folk art. The Honorary Consul from the Ukrainian Consulate in Seattle has sponsored the event. We hope all families, including our growing Ukrainian population in Pierce County, will enjoy and participate in this day.

The Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts has increased its hours to the public this year by being open on the third Thursday of each month until 7 p.m. Each third Thursday has special activities for children and families as well as some evenings of quality music and performance.

The third Thursday on Dec. 20 is a “Pop-up Exhibit.” A pop-up exhibit is an opportunity for the community to create an exhibit by bringing in an “artifact” and being part of a larger exhibit. The theme for the pop-up exhibit is “Gramma’s favorite holiday decoration.” This decoration could come from however your family celebrates the holidays and from any culture or religion. When you bring in the artifact, you will make a label for the item explaining what it is and why it’s a favorite.

Each Third Thursday is also a time for Kids Club to meet, work on activities to earn stamps and prizes. The Karshner Kids Club is free. Students receive monthly newsletters, a passport and a membership card. As students carry out activities with artifacts, participate at the museum and other community activities, they receive stamps in their passports. They work their way up through levels, badges and earn prizes as they explore science, history, other cultures, artifacts, photos, documents and learn critical thinking skills as well as creativity, communication and collaboration.

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