Tripod Slide Show features sand sculpting, public art and arts education


The October edition of Tacoma’s famous Tripod Slide Shows takes place Oct. 19, 7 p.m. at The Center for Spiritual Living, 206 N J St., Tacoma (at the corner of Division St.). Organizers recommend that you come a little early, as parking may be tight.

At each Tripod Slide Show, three presenters show images and give a talk. The Oct. 19 show will feature a show and discussion by three artists on the topics of sand sculpture, public art and Tacoma Creates.

Jeff Strong will share his gravity-defying sand sculptures, and the techniques and physics involved in creating them. Diane Hansen will discuss moving from studio to public art. Her installation, “Lock-On Tacoma,” is located near a Sound Transit stop, where most pedestrians are focused solely on reaching their destination. The giant padlocks turn up the visual volume, inviting passersby to pause in their busy days, examine the locks left there by others, and add their own love locks, thus expanding the piece in the most personal of ways.

Tacoma Creates is a critical initiative to establish new and additional resources for neighborhood and youth education programs that will increase access to our cultural arts organizations for everyone, regardless of age or income. The talk will be presented by Courtenay Chamberlin.

Cost: $2 donation. For more on the Tripod Slide Shows, visit (note: this page is not updated to reflect upcoming shows, but will give a sense of what the events are like).

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