The Big Bike Jump

Bike jump photo Kris Crews
Gaytron the Imploder (Galen Turner) will ride his bicycle through a wall of neon Oct. 21 at MOG. photo credit: Kris Crews

2nd Cycle is nine years old, having come a long way from its back-alley space with limited resources (and no heating). Since then the outfit has moved three times and expanded its reach and impact in the community; opening a satellite location, partnering with the Pierce County Juvenile Court and growing its youth programs.

Now is the time for this socially conscious bicycle shop to ask you — its patrons, supporters, friends and community members — to help it ensure many more years of service, supporting, educating and advocating for people who ride bikes in Hilltop and the Tacoma area.

On Oct. 21, 2nd Cycle, Tacoma’s community cycle center, will host its inaugural fundraiser at the Museum of Glass, with proceeds to benefit 2nd Cycle’s youth programming. The evening will feature live and silent auctions, glass blowing with Tacoma’s Hilltop Artists in Residence, and the infamous Bike Jump. This will be the sixth time that “Tacoma’s worst superhero,” Gaytron the Imploder, in a stunt of death defying “ratitude,” will ride his bicycle through 90,000 volts of electrified neon.

Bike Jump is a collaborative neon glass performance art project with 2nd Cycle and Galen Turner (a.k.a. Gaytron the Imploder). Turner is building a wall of hand-blown neon tubing with the plan of jumping through it on his BMX bike. The hand blown tubes are meticulously made over the course of months. The tubes are housed by a large gate made of sheet metal housing and magic. The gate looks like an art deco, retro sci-fi, Vegas sign, with blinking marquee lighting, teeth, eyes, and topped with a giant Jacob’s ladder. Bike Jump was originally the way that neon glass artist Turner would celebrate his birthday. The event has now taken on a life of its own. This will be the sixth installment of Bike Jump.

Tickets are only $25 per person but space is limited. For tickets and information visit

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