Tacoma Studio Tour set for Oct. 13 and 14


We have entered Tacoma Arts Month. Wednesday, Oct. 3 was the official kickoff at the Kaleidoscope party and now the entire month of October is marked off as a time to focus on the arts that are thriving here in this City of Destiny.

The heart of Arts Month is the Tacoma Studio Tour. During the weekend of Oct. 13 and 14 – from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day – arts tourists will be able to visit the lairs of creativity and the dens of inspiration where our artists transform the raw stuff of visions, theories and imaginings into sensory objects that embody the ideas of their creators.

You can visit the shops of jewelry makers, the work spaces of painters, the caverns where sculptors work, the places where photographers shoot and the gloriously messy pits where potters transform humble mud into fine, fanciful vessels.

The 2018 studio tour features more than 80 artists working out of 47 different spaces. For a map and complete listing of all participating studios, go to tacomaartsmonth.com/tacoma-studio-tour. The studio locations will have maps and passports as well. The Tacoma Studio Tour Passport can be found in the Tacoma Studio Tour brochure (available at all studio locations during the tour and at many Tacoma cultural institutions ahead of time).

All of the studios will have an arts activity that visitors can take part in. Examples include making a paperweight in hot glass or a bead with a torch at Hilltop Artist’s studio, creating a small assemblage using found objects at David Bader’s studio, or trying your hand at scenography at Joe Becker’s photography studio.

Art’s Month organizers have put out a fun passport book. You can get your book stamped at each of the studios that you visit. Once you’ve collected at least seven stamps, you can enter a drawing for a chance to win one of several prize packages. The 2018 prize packages include artwork hand-crafted by select artists.

Below is a select listing of some of the studios that tourists can visit.

Additional note: Not all of the studios are open both days of the tour. Some are open Saturday only, others only open on Sunday. Most, however, are open the entire weekend.


Selection of stops on the Tacoma Art Studio Tour:

Hilltop Artists: Glass
Studio #26: 602 N. Sprague Ave.
Open Saturday, Oct. 13
Dedicated to the mission “Using glass art to connect young people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds to better futures,” Hilltop Artists was founded in 1994 and has grown to provide 650+ young people annually, ages 12-20, with hot glass instruction, related arts training and adult mentoring in an experiential learning environment.
Enter the hot shop on the west side of Jason Lee Middle School near the basketball courts.
Demo: Make a paperweight in hot glass or bead with a torch (age 12+ only). Under 12: Try out some coloring activities and jewelry-making experiences.
Info: hilltopartists.org

Jennifer Chin: Painting, Collage, Printmaking, Mixed Media
Studio #11: 1901 Jefferson Ave., #300
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
Since childhood, Jennifer Chin has been asking “why” and “what if.” Her quest to find the deeper meaning hidden beneath a slurry of “because” led her to the technology sector. Computers work along a golden thread of logical and defined connections. She observed that humans struggle with the nuance “do what I want” versus “do what I ask.” She has been exploring this discord through paint, collage, and printmaking ever since. There is logic in the chaotic network around us, and to Jennifer, it is beautiful.
Demo: Make a small artist book/zine.
Info: jenniferchinartist.com

Bill Colby: Prints and paintings
Studio #40: 1847 N. Skyline Dr. (enter from lower level entrance)
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
The joy of nature is within all of us and in Bill Colby’s artwork. His seven decades of creativity have much variety and he is inspired by themes that last several years and sometimes return. Bill has created woodcuts of nature and birds, watercolor landscapes, and painted architecture and artifacts of Asia and India. Rain and cosmos inspire him in the new millennium, featuring wood grain and vibrant hues.
Demo: Make a small woodcut print on rice paper.
Info: billcolbyart.com

Creative Colloquy: Literary Arts, Performing Arts
Studio #2: 5412 South Tacoma Way
Open Sunday, Oct. 14
Creative Colloquy fosters the writing community in the South Sound through unique literary events and publications. The non-profit literary organization was founded in February of 2014 with the intention of fostering relationships built upon the mutual admiration of the written word and providing a platform to highlight literary talent in the South Sound.
Demo: Make or watch a demonstration of a zine or chapbook; participate in an open-mic opportunity.
Info: creativecolloquy.com

Debbi Commodore: Letterpress, Book Arts, Paper Cutting
Studio #29: 1710 North Fife St.
Open Saturday, Oct. 13
Debbi Commodore is a letterpress and paper cutting artist who focuses on bringing these elements into her artist books. Her work can be grouped into three themes, urban community, using materials outside of their intended utility, and nature. The themes found in her work are fluid and intersect with one another. Her curiosity of the book form explores pushing traditional book format outside its boundaries.
Demo: Fold and create a unique book from provided supplies using the dragon fold structure.
Info: debbicommodore.com

Cheryl De Groot: Metal Jewelry
Studio #7: 2926 S. Steele St., 2nd floor
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
Cheryl has been producing jewelry for many years. She has also taught jewelry making at college level, welded ships, fished commercially in Alaska, and has rounded up cattle for different ranches in the west.
Demo: String beads onto leather.
Info: cheryldegroot.com

Alice Di Certo: Jewelry, Photography
Studio #42: 3419 N. Ferdinand St.
Open Sunday, Oct. 14
As an artist, Alice Di Certo is interested in photography, jewelry, and sculpture. She is interested to explore, through art, social and environmental issues as well as her personal view of beauty. In jewelry, she explores the use of natural objects and spices instead of traditional gems, and likes to experiment with different materials and techniques. At the studio tour, she will show her jewelry as well as her photographs.
Demo: Create a found objects pendant.
Info: alicedicerto.weebly.com

Lynn Di Nino: Sweaters (Knits)
Studio #7: 2926 S. Steele St., 2nd floor
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
Recent additions to Lynn Di Nino’s sweater coat collection include: men’s long coats, women’s fingertip length coats created from sweaters, and found knits. All garments feature Lynn’s signature invention: ‘sock’ pockets.
Demo: Watch a demonstration on flat-felled seams.
Info: lynndinino.com

Becky Frehse: Mixed Media Painting and Assemblage
Studio #7: 2926 S. Steele St., 2nd Floor
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
Becky Frehse’s studio practice revolves around her exploration of musical themes as visual sensations of rhythm, tempo, key modulation, and so on. Often a ruled, musical staff is the underpinning for many layers of textured modeling compounds and lush color. Repurposed musical instruments or fragments of instruments are sometimes integrated with collage and painting as mixed media constructions.
Demo: Use a press mold to create a doll’s face with Sculpt-It.
Info: beckyfrehse.com

Lisa Kinoshita: Art, Craft, Eclectic Design
Studio #14: 821 Pacific Ave.
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
MINKA presents art, craft and furnishings by emerging and established artists. This stimulating show features large-scale painting by Lauren Boilini, carved wood-and-wool sheep by Sonja Bergström, paper sculpture by Lisa Kinoshita, and an exhibit of Japanese folk textiles curated by Paula Shields. Snow Winters will offer a hands-on activity for attendees, repurposing acrylic remnants to make jewelry and mosaic tiles.
Demo: Watch Snow Winters demonstrate jewelry-making using remnants from acrylic manufacturing.
Info: minkatacoma.com

Chandler O’Leary: Illustration, Lettering, Book Arts
Studio #31: 2911 N. 27th St.
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
Chandler O’Leary is a RISD graduate and the proprietor of Anagram Press, specializing in lettering and illustration. Chandler is the author and artist of the illustrated travel blog Drawn the Road Again, and one half of the collaborative team behind the Dead Feminists book and broadside series. Her next book, an illustrated road trip atlas of the West Coast, will be published by Sasquatch Books in April 2019.
Demo: Try your hand at pochoir and create a gift tag to take home.
Info: chandleroleary.com

Reid Ozaki: Ceramics
Studio #8: 2515 B South Tacoma Way
Open Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 13 and 14
For more than 40 years, Reid Ozaki has been creating finely crafted work influenced by the ceramic traditions of Japan. Ceramics has not only served as a point of artistic focus for Ozaki, but also as a gateway into Japanese art forms like Ikebana and Chanoyu. The study of the Tea Ceremony and its customary utensils has become a potent source of inspiration and key to the aesthetic that he pursues.
Demo: View the various steps of ceramic work in process and images of the firing process.
Info: reidozaki.com

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