Tacoma Little Theatre’s Off the Shelf presents ‘Hurlyburly’


Tacoma Little Theatre presents the dark side of Hollywood with “Hurlyburly” by David Rabe and directed by Scott C. Brown. This production will take place on Thursday, Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

If Hollywood were a large stone in the middle of a swamp, then Rabe’s “Hurlyburly” represents all of the creepy crawlers and slimy disgusting gunk you find underneath the rock. This darkly comic drama is set in the Hollywood Hills. It tells the story of four miserable, self-destructive bachelors, each of whom is pursuing careers in the film industry. They don’t seem the ambitious types, however. The bachelors (Eddie, Phil, Mickey and Artie) spend their time drinking, womanizing and ingesting a shocking amount of cocaine. All the while, Eddie the central character wonders why his life is slowly rotting away to nothing.

“Hurlyburly” features the talents of Blake R. York (Eddie), Mark Peterson (Mickey), Russ Coffey (Artie), Jacob Tice (Phil), Jenifer Gillis Rifenbery (Darlene), Cassie Jo Fastabend (Donna) and Brynne Garman (Bonnie).

Tickets for the Nov. 1 performance at 7:30 p.m. are $10 for non-TLT members and free for those who are members. Tickets may be purchased online at www.tacomalittletheatre.com, or by calling the box office at (253) 272-2281.

Because there is a tremendous amount of wonderful theatre that deserves to be heard but sometimes just doesn’t get an opportunity, “Off the Shelf” gives local directors and actors the opportunity to bring some scripts to life that, hopefully, you will find entertaining, challenging and educational.

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