Tacoma Gallery opens doors with round of art course offerings


Tacoma has a new art venture in town going by the name of the Tacoma Gallery. In addition to functioning as an exhibition space for art that celebrates Tacoma, the Tacoma Gallery is also going to hold art classes that are mainly geared toward adult students.

Term 1 classes run April 1 to May 31 with weekly classes to choose from:

Drawing Fundamentals, Mondays, noon-3 p.m.

Drawing is fundamental to all visual expression and literacy. Developing creativity and successfully navigating an increasingly visual society begins with the fundamentals of drawing. Drawing is the basis for all visual art forms and informs other art forms, such as music, dance and theater. This class is perfect for the beginning level artist or for the artist who wants to change some habits and learn some new skills. The majority of classes will draw from still life (objects), photos and imagination. Each class begins with a brief lecture, image review and demonstration. The remainder of the class will be spent on longer drawings with individual help. This particular class has daily lessons and projects, with only a few projects carrying over to subsequent classes. While you are not being graded, you will receive ample feedback and each major project will have clear learning outcomes that can be objectively measured.

Expressive Drawing, Mondays, 5-8 p.m.

Drawing fundamentals are expanded with attention to how lighting, shadow and tonal value are added to line drawing. Dry and wet media will be used to create mixed-media drawings. Observational drawings will be made from photographs and still life.

Landscape Painting, choose Thursdays or Fridays, noon-3 p.m.

This class is perfect for beginning and advanced painters. It will introduce you to the fundamentals of watercolor and acrylic painting and prepare you for further study in acrylic, watercolor and oil paint. Landscape painting will use photography rather than painting directly from nature (en plein aire). Each project will begin with a lecture and demonstration and transition to supervised painting and individual help. As students make discoveries to share or need creative solutions, impromptu demonstrations will take place during the studio time. Most classes will have short demos, image reviews or lectures at the start of the class with the bulk of the time being spent painting. Students will be encouraged to provide their own photos for inspiration. Your instructor will demonstrate on his own paintings and maybe even portions of your paintings. Students will not be painting the same subjects – everybody’s work will be unique to them.

Life Drawing-Anatomical Landmarks, Thursdays, 5-8 p.m.

This course begins highly experimentally, with the introduction of alternative painting techniques and non-objective painting. Working completely abstract is very valuable, even for artists committed to pictorial representation. Oil techniques are employed for figure and portrait painting. While drawing from the figure is typically thought of an intermediate level class, this particular class is not too difficult for emerging artists. This class will primarily paint from student provided photographs, and properly working with source imagery will be discussed. Students will use oil paint and a variety of blending techniques to create smooth gradations of flesh tone.

Figure and Portrait in Oil, Fridays 5-8 p.m.

Please note: This class draws from the nude model. The safety and comfort of the model will be paramount. Tuition includes payment for the professional models. This course focuses on surface anatomy and emphasizes how accurately depicting skeletal and muscular landmarks facilitate competent drawing. Tonal shading and establishing convincing lighting across the model’s features is also emphasized. This class is perfect for the student who wants to really know what it is that they are drawing. The anatomical details covered in this course will improve your figure drawings and allow you to construct naturalistic and proportionate human figures from your mind, and without direct observation.

Drawing the human figure follows the rich tradition of atelier-style learning. If depicting the grace, mechanics and celestial geometry of the human form was not enough, developing the skills necessary to convincingly draw the human figure is central to the video game and animation industry. Puget Sound-area game companies encourage their employees to stay sharp in life drawing and most have drawing studios inside their corporate offices.

Similar to other life drawing classes, each class will begin with vital warm-up gestures for 15 to 30 minutes. A daily lesson and demonstration will then take place and then one or two long pose drawings will be done. Each class will focus on one or two new drawings and there are few ongoing projects. This is a fast-paced class. Your instructor will provide individual help during the long poses and will also do some longer demonstrations during these poses for any student who prefers to watch a full drawing being completed.

Courses cost $250 per term ($350 in the case of “Life Drawing – Anatomical Landmarks”). Tacoma Gallery is offering $50 off to anybody registered by March 23.

Classes in drawing and painting are taught by professional artist and college professor, Jason Sobottka (www.jasonsobottka.com). Classes are taught at Tacoma Gallery, on the second floor of 1120 S. 11th St., Studio 203, Tacoma. There is plenty of free parking.

For more of Tacoma Gallery, visit http://www.tacomagallery.com or e-mail Jason@tacomagallery.com.

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