Tacoma-based author Laura Krughoff releases short stories


Arc Pair Press is has announced the availability of a new edition of Tacoma-based author Laura Krughoff’s “Wake in the Night,” a 102-page short story collection about rural, Midwestern women. 

Six stories span a century of rural American women. Marriages occur in the 1930s for lack of other opportunities; a young girl dances to “Thriller” for her friend’s older brother; a pastor remembers her childhood spent fantasizing that she is the prophet John the Baptist. In the small towns of the Midwest, girls and women dream of finding voice and forcing the world to listen. 

Laura Krughoff’s debut novel, “My Brother’s Name,” was a finalist for a 2014 Lambda Literary Foundation Award. Her current novel project, based on her Pushcart Prize winning short story, “Halley’s Comet,” follows the personal and political lives of two women as they navigate the decade between Massachusetts legalizing same-sex marriage and the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act. Her short fiction and essays have appeared in publications ranging from literary journals such as The Threepenny Review to the Gay Voices section of The Huffington Post to the podcast of the Chicago-based story-telling performance collective Second Story. She teaches in the English department and in the Gender and Queer Studies Program at the University of Puget Sound.


Paula Carter, author of “No Relation” – “Spanning the last century with narrators aged 10 to 100, these stories reveal women struggling to fit a definition of womanhood that cannot contain them. By employing forms that break with convention in the same spirited ways her characters do, Laura Krughoff creates a world of stunning detail that examines just what people will do when expectations stifle truth. In Wake in the Night, we are reminded why we must push beyond easy categories and find new ways of understanding the roles we play.” 

Christopher Grimes, author of “The Pornographers and Public Works: Short Fiction and a Novella” – “Laura Kroghoff’s stories have the lyrical exuberance of a Grace Paley in their bones.”

Andrew Farkas, author of “Sunsphere and Self-Titled Debut” – “In these beautifully written and disarmingly humane stories, Laura Krughoff points out the problems with our preconceived notions, and then imagines what new notions we might generate in their place so she can undermine those, too. Reading Krughoff is like having the nicest person in the world tell you there’s no Tooth Fairy, but that, even if there were, said creature wouldn’t act at all the way you’d think it would.”  

Emily Webber, jmww – “Wake in the Night is flooded with life, and one gets the sense that Krughoff is a careful study of character and what forms a person’s identity. That curiosity and care with which Krughoff approaches her characters are deeply felt in her writing, making this an unforgettable collection.” 

“Wake in the Night” is available through the Arc Pair Press website, Amazon, and select bookstores. 


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