See pop-up art exhibit ‘Mementa Migration’ at King’s Books

self portrait
“Self Portrait of a Self Portrait” is a rubber block print by Erica Qualy, whose traveling “Mementa Migration” exhibit comes to King’s Books Aug. 21. Photo Courtesy of Erica Qualy
By Dave R. Davison
butterfly prints
Butterfly Prints

On Aug. 21 from noon to 5 p.m., King’s Books will be hosting “Mementa Migration,” a touring pop-up art exhibit by Erica S. Qualy. “Mementa” is an interactive experience featuring more than 20 years of the artist’s sketchbooks and personal journals. Guests are invited to come browse through the sketchbooks and journals and stay for as little or as long as they’d like. Other original paintings, photographs, prints, mixed media, zines, etcetera by the artist will be for sale as well.

Qualy has been or is currently a member of the musical groups The Vignettes, Objectum Sexuals and Fredd Velvet.

Qualy’s visual art includes large, bold acrylic paintings like close-ups of the faces of wolves or pared down self-portraits. Her prickly “Self-Portrait (Cactus Heart)” shows the artist with a chalky pink body and green hair. Her heart, visible on the outside of the body, is the same shade of green as the hair and is covered in cactus thorns. Qualy’s relief prints, often done on the pages of old books, possess volumes of charm.

The one-day event at King’s Books is part of a grand tour that Qualy is making through the month of August. The artist started the tour in the Southwest and has been working her way up the West Coast. After Tacoma, she turns south again to finish off the tour in New Orleans on Aug. 31.

Suggested donation for admission is $1 to $5. King’s Books is located at 218 St. Helens Ave. For more information visit or

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