Lady Gaga delivers in memorable Tacoma Dome performance

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While photographers were not allowed to take snaps at the show, this iconic image from Lady Gaga’s 2010 performance at the Tacoma Dome still stands the test of time. Photo by Rocky Ross

Multi award-winning mega star Lady Gaga made her third stop on her sold out “Joanne” North American tour in Tacoma on Aug. 5. The Tacoma Dome was the first show in the U.S. after Lady Gaga performed in Vancouver, B.C. and Edmonton, Alberta. The fans flocking to the arena were a sight to see (even for this regular concert goer), ranging from 2-70-plus-years-old and many of them dressed accordingly to fit the fashion themes of a Lady Gaga show.

The show’s production and energy matched that of her Super Bowl half time show earlier this year, with four stages: the main stage with a huge video screen, moving and tilting stages as well as three other stages. The second stage was for an acoustic guitar set, the third stage was for an elevated dance performance and the fourth stage featured a beautiful acrylic piano. The tour was performed to perfection in six acts with Gaga’s on-point band, dancers and choreography, glamourous and artsy wardrobe changes. The Joanne Tour was seamless, between acts the band rocked out and there was a series of transitional Lady Gaga video interludes played to start each act, many of them cryptic and filmed in an “American Horror Story”-like theme.

During the show, Lady Gaga spoke of her fifth studio album to support her fifth headlining tour, explaining that she chose the name Joanne after her late aunt Joanne Stefani Germanotta and the self titled song was based on family healing, loss and generational grief.

This writer, being a music photo journalist, has had some contentions of Lady Gaga’s ban on concert photographers but after watching the Super Bowl half time show and performance with Metallica at the 2017 Grammies, I had to attend a show and was very impressed with her connection with her fans, live performance and the top notch production.

Songs performed:
Act 1: “Diamond Heart,” “A-Yo,” “Poker Face,” “Perfect Illusion”
Act 2: “John Wayne,” “Scheibe,” “Alejandro”
Act 3: “Just Dance,” “Love Game,” “Telephone”
Act 4: “Applause,” “Come to Mama,” “The Edge to Glory,” “Born This Way”
Act 5: “Bloody Mary,” “Dancin’ in Circles,” “Paparazzi” (acapella), “Angel Down,” “Joanne”
Act 6: “Bad Romance,” “The Cure”
Encore: “Million Reasons”

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