Get in touch with your inner unicorn at Wine and Canvas

By Dave R. Davison

unicornArt and wine fit together as well as coffee and the morning news or beer and hard rock music. Gatherings for wine sipping and painting seem to be catching on at some of the local creative spaces. Wine and Canvas (located in Federal Way) hosts sessions which attendees can all work on painting according to a given theme.

On Aug. 27 (1-4 p.m.) for example, everyone will paint their own version of a cute and magical unicorn. Wine and Canvas supplies the brushes, canvas, paints and easels. You take home a 16X20 masterpiece. What could be better than drinks and a paintbrush?

Wine and Canvas is not just a paint class it is “art entertainment.” Local artists, great customer service and beautiful surroundings make for an amazing experience. Sipping your favorite wine or cocktail, letting your inner artist out to create a masterpiece and maybe breaking into song throughout the night is what Wine and Canvas is all about. Leave your cares at the door and dive in to the paint party. The best part is that you take your artwork with you and leave the clean up behind.

Local artists in each class inspire and instruct Wine and Canvas customers step-by-step to create their finished masterpiece. Each location (national chain of studios) hosts many events monthly with a different featured painting each night. With a step-by-step instruction method, customers without a stroke of painting experience are at ease.

Wine and Canvas is an inexpensive way to pick up the paintbrush. It is cheaper than art school or private lessons and with no lengthy commitments. Participants can go once a week, once a month or for special occasions and can be sure that they will create a collection that is uniquely their own. Everyone has their own style that Wine and Canvas will help to emerge as they encourage guests to let the paint flow.

For those under 21, a branch called Cookies and Canvas made its debut in the organization’s first studio in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2010. With the same step-by-step instruction method, Cookies and Canvas is a great event for ages 5 and up. Many schools across the country are having a hard time keeping art classes in the annual budget but we know how important creativity is for a growing mind. Cookies and Canvas not only instructs but also instills confidence in budding artists. Painting and socializing over cookies while your artwork has a little time to dry is just perfect. Parents are welcome to join in painting with their child or simply observe their young artist in the creative process.

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