Feast Arts Center closes its doors

Todd Jannausch and Chandler Woodfin, the duo behind the Feast Arts Center will close the doors of the community arts center and art gallery. Photo courtesy of Feast Fine Art Center.
Todd Jannausch and Chandler Woodfin, the duo behind the Feast Arts Center will close the doors of the community arts center and art gallery. Photo courtesy of Feast Fine Art Center.

The following notice appeared in my social media feed the other day:

“Dear Friends of Feast,

With a heavy heart we are announcing Feast’s permanent closing. Thank you for helping, supporting and collaborating these past four years. It’s been an honor.”

In October 2015, the Feast Arts Center, in Tacoma’s Hilltop Neighborhood, opened its doors to the community. It became a showplace for some groundbreaking shows and installations and it was a valuable space for artists to hone their life-drawing skills and for artists of all levels to take classes and workshops to learn new techniques in the arts.

Like so many art enterprises, galleries and venues in Tacoma, Feast is about to fade away into the realm of fond memories, to join things like the Random Modern Gallery, Commencement Gallery, The Helm, The Lark, Art on Center, Art Off Center, the Urban Arts Festival, Arts Night at Jazzbones, Kulturelab, Ramp Art, B2 Gallery, Flow and many more that no longer come to mind when I recall all of the arts ventures in town that started with such enthusiasm only to falter for whatever reason. Some were poorly run while had proprietors that lost interest or moved on to greener pastures. Others generated interest, but received no financial support from the community.

Feast was run by competent, committed artists – the team of Chandler Woodfin and Todd Jannausch. The demise of Feast seems to have been the result of a combination of financial constraints, dwindling community interest and a shift in the nature of the partnership between the proprietors. Feast filled a vital niche and will be missed.

“Feast wasn’t a beginning or an end, it was part of the evolution of a conversation about art.

In the end, it was our goal to make art as accessible as possible for as long as we could. We did our very best,” said the proprietors in a message.

On Sunday, Jan. 27, there will be a Feast Arts Center closing and studio sale. Art, art supplies, presses, and print making equipment, flat files, tools, a digital projector, tables, work benches, lockers, cabinets and chairs will be put up for sale. Don’t miss your opportunity to build your dream studio and help support Feast one last time. Feast will be posting photos on the Studio sale event page at www.facebook.com/events/363951544156372/?active_tab=about.

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