Destiny City Comics and Arts Festival coming to Alma Mater

Sloane Leong, creator of Prism Stalker from Image Comics. Photo courtesy of Sloane Leong

Come to Alma Mater at 1322 Fawcett Ave., Tacoma and meet local artists who make comics. Alma Mater Tacoma is working with Destiny City Comics to host independent writers and artists who can’t wait to sell you their latest zine or other concoction. The Destiny City Comics and Art Festival takes place Saturday, June 23 from noon to 7 p.m. The event will feature more than 30 local artists and comic makers. Visitors can peruse and purchase comics, zines and original artwork.

Special guest Sloane Leong, creator of Prism Stalker from Image Comics, will be highlighted at the festival. Leong is a self-taught cartoonist, artist and writer of Hawaiian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Choctaw, Welsh and German ancestries. She explores themes of survival, displacement, relationships, spirituality, identity and mental illness through literary vehicles like science fiction, horror, adventure and slice-of-life genres. She is currently living near Portland, Ore. Visit to view some of Leong’s work.

Following is a list of the artists, their affiliation (if any) and links to view their work:

For more information, visit or

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