Champagne Sunday holds album release party


On Sunday, Nov. 11, 6:30 p.m., the musical duo of Jessi and Jared Fredeen, known as Champagne Sunday, will hold an album release party at Alma Mater Tacoma, 1322 Fawcett Ave., Tacoma.

Of the event, Champagne Sundays says, “Picture an inside out disco ball. Now put our whole show inside that ball. Let’s just imagine all the love, music, images and message are poured out from us to the audience and then bounced back at us, the audience a direct reflection of the artists, the artists an image of the audience. A symbiotic respect and communion between givers and receivers.

“We want to give our audience a chance to ride in the backseat of our truck on tour, singing along with our son as he serenades us, or curl up in bed with us for an intimate confession of love, rally with us as we plead for injustices to be righted, growl at the sky with us as we demand ‘Snow,’ look inside themselves to see ‘That Girl,’ laugh with our stories, join our family. We want people to leave feeling something, anything, like they’re better for the time we spent together. We know we’re better after we spend time with people we love. That’s what we want.”

Champagne Sunday have been entertaining crowds nationwide since 2005 with their unique, upbeat, rollercoaster-style shows, firing off gypsy-punk rock songs alongside everything from intimate tear-jerkers to rousing foot-stompers. With seven albums of original material to their credit (the most recent of which will be released at this show), and playing an average of 170 shows a year, Champagne Sunday is one of the rare original acts in the Pacific Northwest that performs with stadium-level energy, regardless of whether it’s for a festival crowd or a group of coffee shop patrons. This act has a ton of showmanship, heart, and talent that makes for a captivating, powerful experience. At the Nov. 11 show, they will be joined by the W Lovers and a handful of Tacoma favorites.

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