Bring it to Barb


Dear Barb,

I feel so outdated and completely frustrated these days. I should qualify that by saying that everything I own is old technology and I am old-fashioned. I am retired and a widow and I am forced to upgrade my phone, my laptop, internet speed and my TV cable, even Internet bill payment methods. Shopping online requires a laptop that is newer than mine. At the very least I need to have a smart phone. What happened to simple? It makes life harder for me actually! What about Internet security with my personal banking information?

Outdated and Stubborn About It


Dear Outdated and Stubborn About It,

You are not alone. I know so many individuals, not gender specific, who struggle with jumping into new waters of Internet and technology. With technology, it may not even be your fault that you are outdated, but nonetheless it creates a great amount of reservation and frustration. For example, you may own a video camera that was purchased 10-plus years ago and the best technology, but unfortunately now that there are cell phones that now have amazing camera quality and video excellence, you were surpassed with your current oversized video camera that you can’t even fit in your pocket instantly.

I suggest that you picture yourself in the middle of a huge lake and you just fell out of a boat that wasn’t coming back. You would want to tread water as best as you could and stay above water with the least amount of energy to your mind and your body, right? The floating buoys and floatation devices that are closest are difficult to hold onto and require kicking your feet continuously to stay above water. But just about 60 feet away is a large raft that you could easily lay on but the initial effort will be difficult to swim over to it. You have two choices at this point: 1.) Swim and kick exactly where you are and continue kicking your feet and

struggling to stay above water while using all your energy and effort or, 2.) Push yourself to focus on that swim 60 feet away – one arm swing at a time to get to the raft and climb up onto it completely exhausted, but knowing you will now enjoy the comfort of this much better floating buoy.

Try embracing small advancing technology that helps you in baby steps. Just try a water timer. It easily attaches to your water valve and is helpful to save you from having to remember to shut off your hose.

Just investing in an inexpensive smart phone would open up a whole new world for you. A smart phone would be worthy of reprioritizing your budget. It’s funny what we can afford when we really need something if it means enough to our lifestyle or sanity.

Your frustration level would be much lower and you might find it stimulating to learn new methods of life with technology. I am pretty sure that our grandparents were not too excited about microwave ovens when they came out, opting to use a kettle on the stove to boil water. Look how far we have come.

I would suggest seeking someone with computer knowledge who can help you take the minimum steps and cost to start treading water by using technology as your friend to improve your life. There are free classes to help with this in your local area.

Do you notice that with every business you call, their hold recording suggests that you go to the website for your question or problem and access them by the Internet? I suspect that banking will eventually be mostly Internet-based in the future.

Your comfort for security on banking and online shopping should not be taken lightly. Use good passwords and know that enough people are very reliant on the newest technology of online banking and purchases. The risk is nominal in the scheme of things using trusted sites. And believe me, if there were a problem with technology, you would surely hear about it quickly! Give technology a chance you may like it.

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